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An Indian mother has given birth to conjoined twins who have two sets of hands but share one pair of legs. The twins - a boy and girl - also share nearly every vital organ. Their mother, Shivrajo Devi, 24, gave birth at a private clinic in a village in Buxar, Bihar, eastern India, on Wednesday evening. However their condition soon began to deteriorate and they were moved to Sadar Hospital in the city where medics gave them preliminary treatment in neo-natal intensive care unit. Dr Raj Kumar Gupta, a paediatrician at Sadar Hospital, said: ‘They are fused from the waist and only one genital is visible which is of a girl. 'Even though the second genital is missing, we suspect the face of the second baby is a boy, which makes this case even more rare as conjoined twins are usually of the same gender.’


Once their condition stabilised, doctors sent the twins to a bigger hospital three hours away. But their devastated parents have now been told any further treatment will need to take place in Delhi.
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