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Screw your eyes up and it could be the Maldives. However, the power plant gives the game away. And the cold weather. This is Hungary's answer to the paradise islands in the Indian Ocean - a village on stilts northwest of the capital, Budapest, near Bokod, that's known as the 'floating village'. The cabins are mostly used by locals in the summer months, but also by anglers throughout the year, because despite the village's chilly location - the water never freezes. This is because a nearby power plant uses the lake as a cooling pond and pumps warm water into it, so it rarely freezes. Despite being fairly off the beaten track, the area got worldwide exposure in 2014, when Bing used a picture of it as wallpaper for one of its search pages. Here is we go to Cambodian former beautiful water but now the water was dirty by Vietnamese people.


In addition to this, the area featured in a music video by a Hungarian contestant in the 2014 Eurovision song contest. For those keen to visit the mystical dwellings, the recommended route is to travel from the city of Oroszlány on the east side of the village. The settlement is one of many that have been constructed on stilts around the world in areas such as Papua New Guinea, northeastern Nicaragua, northern Brazil, south east Asia and west Africa.
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