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A woman who lost more than half her body weight says the six stone of sagging skin she has been left with is ruining her life. Emma Lovell, 35, shed an incredible 21 stone through gastric band surgery - but has been left with huge rolls of excess skin. The problem is so bad that she often gets her skin caught in car doors. And now 13 stone, she claims her confidence is lower than it has ever been. 'I have between 20kg (3 stone) and 40kg (6 stone) of excess skin and it makes me so self-conscious,' said Miss Lovell. 'I've trapped it in car doors before which is very painful, and can't even go for a run because it moves and pulls so much. 'Even though I'm technically a size 12/14, I'm wearing size 20 trousers just so my skin isn't hanging out.


Her appearance means she often feels too self-conscious to leave the house. 'I have more body issues now than I did when I was big,' said Miss Lovell, an administration assistant from Townsville, Queensland. 'I've always believed nobody will love me until I love myself - but when I was heavy I really did love myself. 'I thought I'd never change and that I'd live with that body forever, so I just accepted it. 'Before I was outgoing and didn't care what people thought, but now I'm much more of a recluse.' She is now so ashamed of her body that she is embarrassed undressing in front of her partner Douglas, 22.
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